Month Two:  Curiouser and Curiouser…

My second month at Dyrham kicked off with another training course. The sole purpose was to instruct us all on the full use of the mystical ‘Level 3’ clearance of CMS. (surely the stuff of legend…..) I have heard whispers on the wind of a level 4 but just like ‘Fight Club’, the first rule of CMS level 4 is – ‘You do not talk about level 4’. The second rule about CMS level 4 is – ‘You do not talk about level 4!’ I had been using CMS at Dyrham but with mentor Katy holding the reins, so this was a whole new world of fun…
The stunning venue was Stourhead, on the Wiltshire/ Dorset border. This was no day trip out though, as it was chosen as the host of the CMS level 3 two day training course. An inspired choice, and home to the lovely Jenna, a fellow trainee. As I managed to get there stupidly early I had plenty of time to park in the wrong car park find the right one and still be first there. The course leader was CMS guru and life coach Philip Claris. The agenda of the two days was to be profficient in the use of CMS up to the dizzying heights of level 3 (there is no level two – not like ‘there is no spoon’ in the first Matrix movie, it just doesn’t exist in the earthly realm! ) The day basically involved us making full use of our level 3 clearance which I think might get us into No.10 and the Pentagon… not sure…. This means we can not only look up objects from our properties, but can now change condition reports and create entry/exit records, and much more. These do exactly what it says on the tin. If an object is added to the collection, it get’s a new inventory number and you can detail all the info you have for it. To get to grips with this, we were set a few tasks to do on the CMS test server which meant we could be ‘creative’ in our data input. Just as well really, unless the object I chose to change the records of was actually acquired by the Trust from round the back of Spitafields Market…

Having stared at a screen for two hours, desperately trying to retain all the procedure and information for level 3 status, we did get a welcome reprieve. A trip to Stourhead would not have been complete without a tour around the house and gardens with Jenna. It’s a fantastic place with lavish gardens including a cottage and Pantheon and the house has some great rooms and a wonderful collection. (A Pope’s cabinet, marble statues and paintings on hinges to name a few!) It would also be an awesome venue if hide and seek ever got to the Olympics…


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