With all that fun & games out the way, it was time to get back to some serious cleaning. We have a set of 18 rather lovely carved walnut chairs in the Great Hall, and they get quite a bit of interest. Mostly because one has been carved with a slight difference to the other 17. This has been the source of much conjecture, head scratching crystal ball gazing and chicken bone reading, as visitors try to suss out which one is the odd one out. 9 times out of 10 they will give up and ask the room guide, but when I was a room guide one day, an angel with long blonde hair picked it out almost straight away! ‘The force’ was indeed strong with this one…… As lovely as the walnut chairs are, they are all slightly different in their general shape,(you try being 300 years old and not have back trouble) With much interest comes much touching (sitting on them is strictly forbidden and will result in a spell in the tower! ) And with much touching comes much cleaning so out come the brushes… To clean around all of the chairs without bashing them or the wall’s they are against would indeed require a steady hand and true ‘sensei’. This is where the fun begins, as the trick is to place your hands underneath each side of the seat of the chair and gently lift taking one pace backwards. Do that another 17 times and you have a perfect space to get to clean all around them! The ‘one pace backwards’ comes in handy when you have to put them all back so you can judge where they should be. This is only a guide however, and there is much squinting and gentle nudging to get them all to line up.


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