A surprise visit came from a painting we had out on loan, making an unexpected return. It was transported all the way back from Trier in Germany, in the mother of all packing crates. Wooden Exo-skelleton over a sealed metal container with a bespoke foam interior. The painting itself was then strapped to avoid anything touching the surface of the canvas and wrapped in plastic. All this resulted in a micro-climate for the painting and it’s gilt covered frame. This is to ensure that any outside changes in temperature and humidity,  do not affect the painting within. It looked fire, water, and bomb proof but had to be returned so we couldn’t test it…. As soon as the painting was removed from it’s near cryogenic cocoon, and moved to a temporary home, we then had to tackle the problem of the crate. As the two transport guys made it look easy, this did’nt seem that much of an issue until we came to move it. Tiny bit heavier than I thought. It took six of us to lift it six inches off the ground and move it to the awaiting 4×4 & trailer, for it to be spirited away for collection at a later date.


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