Two months to the day disaster struck… I was merrily dusting one Saturday morning, when my duster caught the edge of a tea-pot lid in our 1961 display room. Rookie mistake. Before I knew it, the lid had flipped up and hit the edge of a saucer, sending it in 3 different directions at the same time. Having sworn under my breath with most of the words I was told never to use all that came out loud was ‘Doh!’ Quite apt really….With a deep breath I told Katy and although she was very sweet about it…’at least it wasn’t Delft-ware!’ (what she said under her breath when i’d left the room is anyone’s guess!) I was Instructed to gather all the pieces seperately and wrap them up. This is done so that any sharp pieces from the break, don’t scratch the glaze of the surface, and the piece can be effectively reconstructed. I’m yet to discover my penance, but I might have overheard something about ‘room guideing in the cellar’… Which is a little weird, as the visitor route doesn’t go to the cellar… Hmmm.


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