Month Three: Summertime rolls….

Who’s up for a bit of ‘Lazy Jazz’! – Nice. One of the benefits of having a fantastic Garden on the West side of the house, is that it’s a good size to put on the odd shindig. It’s painstakingly maintained by the Garden team, usually Tim and the lovely Sarah, to name but two, So it does provide the perfect backdrop for some Sunday afternoon tunes. The best way to keep the cool cats of the band cool-ish is shade so we had a Gazebo professionally installed. Basically this involved myself, Katy, James and Katie ( the latter being the cool calm and collected dynamic duo of admin and events management) Holding the contraption upright, each taking a corner, then walking backwards in opposite directions… Hey presto! Gazebo! After a logistical power conduit was set up (an extension cable through a window) the scene was set. It was later decided that an outside meeting between the four of us be scheduled in to our busy days. Just to check everything was going to plan. This had nothing to do with the fact it was a sunny afternoon and the ice-cream van had turned up.


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