Mr. Alan Bush of Bush & Berry Co. fame arrived to help conserve our ‘Jesuit church’ painting. The canvas was in need of a clean in preparation for a little holiday across the water. This was quite a process to observe. Firstly photo’s were taken for reference, then a condition report is compiled. The aim of this is to detail the blemishes and imperfections in the surface of the canvas and the frame. This report will then be used in the future to catalogue any changes. It is fairly rare for a canvas to get the up-close and personal treatment, so the softest brush was used, as the paint can be easily flaked off if you’re not careful. For this reason, the ‘winter clean’ time when the house is closed to the public and more in-depth cleaning can be done is usually the only other time this might get done. The trick is to have as little interaction with the surface of the canvas as possible, so the dust is gently swept off with the brush. Once the face lift had been completed, the painting was lowered on to foam blocks on the floor to get a stable surface to work on. The focus was then on the back of the painting. Melonex is an acetate film that is fixed to the frame to help create a dust proof backing. After a new set of hooks for hanging, the make-over was complete, and has taken years off…


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