The textile session was an in-depth look at different fabrics that can be found in a collection. As there are so many types and compositions, it helps to have a basic understanding of the different composits that can make up a fabric. For example, Velvet can have different grades due to the quality of the material that has been used to create it. On close inspection the weave looks different and a higher quality will feel softer. We also had a great practical task for this session which was to cover the nozzle of a vacuum cleaner with a gauze and clean a piece of fabric. What you are left with when the gauze is removed is a lovely circle of fibres that have been sucked up from the surface of the cloth. This was a perfect example of what can easily happen if a textile is cleaned too harshly which is why some never get cleaned. (it’s better for it to be dusty than to slowly disappear into a vacuum!)


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