All Hail King of Stone! Trevor Proudfoot took the showstopping ‘Stone and Marble’ session which I was looking forward to the most as I had no knowledge of the subject what-so-ever! So the different types of stone are: ‘Metamorphic’ – Very heavy, marble appears cold but conducts heat so is actually room temperature! It can have a polished surface, and can be re-inforced as it’s brittle. ‘Sedimentary’ – Compressed layers of limestone/sandstone that sometimes have shells imbedded and faultline cracks. ‘Igneous’ – Smooth porus polishable limestone very dense. Although Alabaster has the appearance of marble it has a translucent element and can be burnt. As a rule all Roman sculpture was made of marble so if in doubt, if it’s not marble it’s not Roman!

All good things come to an end, so the last thing on the training schedule was the wash-up session. (thankfully, that didn’t mean do all the dishes from the last two days, it’s a conference term to have a summing up at the end.) This was a good opportunity to fire a few questions about the topics of the course, thank the staff, and course tutors, ( special thanks also to Graham for the quick tours and behind the scenes peeks family history lesson.) and bid a fond farewell to my fellow trainee’s until the next training course in the new year.


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