After many days cleaning in the house, a recent highlight and temporary reprieve from the schedule came thanks to our very own ceramic specialist Margaret Jones. Her concept was for a little pottery workshop/team building exercise/bit of fun, so we had all took a seat in the staff kitchen, and awaited instructions. Once the clay had been handed out we all set about moulding our creations, that will be glazed and finished when we can get round to it… The designs ranged from plaque’s to plate’s to candle stick holders. (Katy’s monkey head design had absolutely nothing to do with the picture of a monkey on the old newspaper she was using, it was a carefully thought out concept too complex to explain…..) My creation was a moon gazing hare and I unfortunately forgot to engage my obsession pacifying filter and was so intent on getting his little legs, tail and ears all the right proportion I sat back realising every one else had pretty much finished and I had yet to add any detail…. This culminated in a design in the style of Henry Moore, (one of my favourite sculptors) so the hare is now called ‘Henry’. Once completed, the next stage is drying. This is to let the clay dry out at a steady rate so that when it’s fired in the kiln, it doesn’t crack. More on Henry, (no pun intended…) in the coming weeks….


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