With the change in season, comes a change in open days. (We are now only partially open at weekends…) This has given the house posse the chance to do some more in-depth cleaning… That involves taking each room and/or corridor, and cleaning top to bottom as usual, with the added bonus of not needing to be so aware of the time. On a day the house is open to the public, we only have from 8.30 to 10-ish to get the whole visitor route cleaned through the house. So this is when cleaning gets serious. The main addition to the conservation arsenal is a very long pole with a pink fluffy feather duster at the end – very macho… This bad boy is used to catch cobwebs and to start cleaning at the higher areas and then work down.


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Welcome to my blog! I've been keeping it to document my training as a Conservation Assistant for the National Trust at Dyrham Park. View all posts by arlingtoncourtblog

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