Around this time the big kahuna of the herd gets his swagger on and will parade around displaying his dominance, and making guttural noises for all the females. (As John rightly said, this can also be seen in certain bars in Bath on a Saturday night.) This is male display sometimes invites a challenge from another male, and a fight in-sues. These usually end with the victor chasing off the challenger, but an incident only the night before, showed just how vicious this rumpus can be. (A big strong buck was found during the evening battered and bruised next to what was left of an iron gate… he didn’t make it.) After a spot of lunch the two John’s took us for a walk around the park to see these magnificent creatures in their natural habitat. They proved to be quite accommodating, if you approach with caution, and we got to see two have a bit of a disagreement. It was a real treat to see these gentle beasts in a natural environment, with two specialists on hand as they are usually wary of people… (Contrary to popular belief, a buck will not chase you up a tree and keep you there for hours!…)


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