Westwood take two

Day two at Westwood started with a slightly different type of cleaning. As we ventured into the house we got to the tenants library area and instantly noted all was not what it should be. A piece of plaster from the ceiling had fallen right next to a reading chair and deposited itself on a nearby table and the floor. As with any such event in a historic house of a similar age, the procedure is to photograph the scene as it is, to record what pieces fell where, and clean the area. It’s like it never happened…

To the Kings room! Now, which way is that…. Just as I was beginning to get my bearings with the layout of which room was where, the Westwood experience came to an end and there was an opportunity for a quick cuppa. ( yes, another one… The National Trust work ethic supports a regular tea break/chocolate biscuit programme which I whole heartedly support.) An update of the ‘House Manual’ which is a large folder full of all the relevant information about the property, was the last order of business, and thankfully there was little to report in the way of bugs and beasties.

So a fond farewell and I’ll look forward to next time….


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