Now the real work begins….

Autumn how I love thee… (Judging by the fairly constant use of leaf -blowers by the garden crew, the feeling may or may-not be universal…) While I still seem to be suffering a little seasonal clock change jet-lag, the house team has embarked on a ‘High-clean’ programme that has been meticulously planned out by Katy. (The ‘Commander Riker’ to House Manager Lin’s ‘Jean-Luc Picard’ for all you Star Trek fans…)  This involves first and foremost preparing the house room by room. The plan is to clean as we do on a closed day first. Then we go round and remove all of the ceramics and put them in secure storage, out of harms way.

The next thing is to cover all of the furniture and objects with acid free paper and fabric covers to protect them from dust and damage. The most valuable items get purple triangles and/or florescent stars, so they can be easily identified in the unlikely event they would need to be removed as part of an emergency salvage operation. (Fire, flood, earthquake, zombie infestation, alien invasion, that kind of thing… ) They then get moved to the middle or edges of a room so we can bring the ladders in to start the ‘High Clean’. That should put my vertigo to the test!


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