Conservation construction…

The Vac-pac is a back-pack size vacuum cleaner, and weighs about the same as a medium size baby. Once you’re up there the trick is to (along with stay up there) manipulate the hose and brush nozzle thingy to clean efficiently. As I was new to this it took me some time not to feel like I had sausage fingers and get tangled in the power cable or get the hose too near the paintings! After the initial wobble of confidence, and with the help of a brand new state of the art ladder, I can now get up to ceiling height in no time….

When ladders just aren’t enough it’s time to breakout the scaffolding! Unfortunately, I was not allowed to help with the construction, due to health and safety regulations. You have to be qualified in scaffolding construction, and my home made certificate in Grade 1 Lego didn’t count. This was quite a display to behold, as Lin and Margaret built it from the ground up with the agility of  a monkey looking for coconuts, while I looked on in amazement. The platform at the top of the scaffolding also lets you store an array of conservation equipment to make the most of the rare ‘up close and personal’ aspect of the high clean. As I can use but not build, I was keen to see if the scaffolding held the same ‘height issues’ as ladders, but to my amazement not so! I was up and down it like a rat up a drainpipe…


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