Dec the Halls!

December already! We wasted no time in getting into the Christmas spirit as our Christmas trees were delivered, and every man woman and elf were on hand to help out. As we had spent the previous day decorating the house with the fantastic wreaths and displays that a handful of our volunteers had made, we were keen as mustard to see what sort of tree we would be putting in pride of place in our Great Hall. The stable courtyard was the scene for the main event. As I peeped round the corner ranger Rich was busy trimming the base of the tree destined for the courtyard with all the skill and enthusiasm of an ice sculptor on a sugar rush. With the tree positioned to sit neatly in it’s slot in the ground all that had to be done was to tie some rope around the fela and pull it up. Simple? Sort of. With as many people on hand as we could get, either on the end of one of the ropes or fighting with branches to get a good grip, the behemoth tree put up a good fight (trying to get an eel into a jar did spring to mind) but finally stood proud to rapturous applause. Now for the lights. Due to it’s size the only issue was how to get them near the top, so Rich was bravely volunteered to scale the tallest ladder and use an array of long pole tools to hook on the lights. Then as any Christmas tree decorator knows comes the fun part of winding the lights round, and if you had trouble with your one at home, try one about 25 feet. Having decided on a complex system of more ladders, more people and more hot chocolate, the moment had arrived to switch on the lights. Unfortunately Johnny Depp couldn’t make it for the ‘switching on’ ceremony so the honour fell to David Barnes.


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