‘Wax on, wax off.. again..’

The most important thing was to make the house as presentable as possible so out came the vacuum cleaner. Next job was to attend to the Great Hall floor. This had taken quite a pounding the day before so a quick waxing was needed. The same principal as before, but on a bigger scale and in less time! When the time came to buff up the wax, I went for the ‘Fakir/Nilco’ polishing machine. This little fela has a set of pads on revolving discs so it does all the work for you. It does take a little while to get used to using it, and behaves a bit like a drunk donkey if you don’t have a firm grip. In no time at all the floor had that ‘Just out of the salon’ look. Next job for me was to open up the Church passage and to find the keys for the Church organ so that the bellows could be warmed up. It was great to hear that sound in an empty Church on a Sunday. As I made my way back to the house there was an eerie ‘calm before the storm’ feeling as Tim and myself waited with our volunteers in the West Hall.


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