‘Home stretch of the house clean..’

The winter clean continues! With all the craziness of Christmas out the way, we could concentrate on getting the house cleaning programme back underway. As the open days of the house creep ever closer, we are on the home stretch but still have quite a bit to do! With different colleagues in on different days it can be a little tricky but Katy devised a comprehensive programme of cleaning so we know what needs to be done. This is unofficially referred to as the ‘what we should be doing’ list . 2012 looks to be quite a year for Dyrham with quite a bit happening. We have the winter cleaning to finish, the open season to prepare for, and we have a new exhibition that we need to work into the schedule as well! This is quite an exciting prospect – a selection of contemporary works of art loaned from the Arts Council Collection. We will have around 10 pieces on display for the year and they are from a variety of artists and include paintings and sculpture and film. The list of ‘what and who’ has almost been finalised, and we are currently looking at the ‘feasibility’ stage for the house, trying to work out where each piece will go according to weight and size. This is proving a little problematic working out where to store the paintings that will come down to make way for them. Watch this space – Exciting times!


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