‘Washin’ the dishes…’

The winter clean progress meant we could get round to some more ceramics cleaning. This involved setting up two work stations in our Victorian Kitchen and kitting ourselves out to get to work. With the tables covered in soft dust sheets for protection, we tracked down some foam corners which we use to support the items as they are cleaned.

Vinyl gloves at the ready! Good clean hands might do just as well but the gloves reduce the likely event of ceramic slippage in cold paws. The obvious rules apply when transporting ceramics, check your route, make sure it’s free from obstructions. Thankfully the temporary ceramic store is one of the bakery rooms next to the kitchen, so only a short distance to travel with them. As a good percentage of our ceramics collection is unique and valuable Delft-ware. A personal favourite of William Blathwayt who had the main house built in the 1700’s. When transporting and cleaning, I prefer not to be told of an items price tag. Especially when I’ve just picked it up!


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