‘Cavity investigation…’

I had no time to spend perfecting my ‘tortured poet’ look, or being swathed in melancholic pathos, lamenting the departure of Katy in favour of sunny Devon. In fact I think she might have cursed me with a spell of some sort. I shall elaborate in due course. On her last day, after resisting the temptation to beg her to stay, as that would seem a bit ‘needy’, while Katy was on her lap of high-five lap of honour around the gardens, we had two specialists in to investigate the Cedar stairs. This was to look at the structural integrity with a possibility of incorporating them into the visitor route at some point in the future. As I was technically holding the fort that afternoon I was naturally curious as well as obliged to monitor the work. The panelling itself proved the most problematic and did take some persuasion to reveal the smallest of gaps to see the beams underneath. I should point out that every tap, bang, and squeak of wood was a little heart-stopping… Thankfully Colette was on hand to translate the technical jargon (sometimes my layman’s terms need layman’s terms) and to oversee the task right down to the ‘so…. how much to fix it?’ part of the conversation.


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