‘Pick it up and start again…’

We at Dyrham are caring folks, and had an opportunity to help out in the local community and take part in some litter picking in Doynton village. As soon as Myself James, Ali and Natalie and squeezed into Ops Manager Cath’s car, she confessed ‘this car has never had five people in it before’, so we were in for a wild ride. Not only did the car cope well under my added weight, but we even did a 3 point turn and reversed up a hill too! The stretch of road we were designated, met the main road, so got to see plenty of traffic. Unfortunately that meant plenty of litter. Being in jovial moods we wondered if there was a prize for the weirdest item of rubbish would be.

Unfortunately I would later win that one. Armed with gloves, grabbers, high-vis jackets and bin bags, we set to work and the section James and I found ourselves in did not seem too bad at first glance. As I got stuck in, (literally, there were brambles) It did feel, the more we picked up, the more we saw. Having used up all our bin bags, we re-grouped to call it a day when I spotted a few overgrown and degrading bags near where we started. As I picked up the nearest to find it had a bone sticking out of it. Not unusual, but on close inspection, it was an entire bag of bones. Trying to convince Ali as much as ourselves, we repeated, ‘I’m sure it was just a chicken.’ (And not a cat, sacrificial goat, or anything sinister at all…)


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