‘Light, camera, action’

All our ‘Dosimeters’, (small light meter cards with a blue centre) have finally been collected in and shipped off to the lab. They are a beautifully simple tool to measure the amount of light an object receives over the course of a year. The blue patch of cloth fades at a specific rate that can be analysed to tell if there is likely to be any deterioration. Thankfully our efforts at light control are working as they didn’t show too much fading and we could even re-use a few with no fading at all.

We had a visit from the Arts Architects Panel and I was on hand in true ‘gig road crew’ style to open/close doors and adjust blinds for various rooms. Later that day saw culture go out the window in favour of a plan to hold an April 1st ‘Spot the Oddity’ trail. This was a carefully planned house tour/brainstorming session. Our Princess of Visitor Experience Katie Morgan required the keen brain and sharp wit of a tall dark stranger. Typically he was out fishing so I volunteered to help. (Not that tall but strange…) We toured the house to work out what we could put in each room, and the ideas came thick and fast. To discover the fruits of our collective gray matter you’ll just have to visit on the day…

This week saw the completion of the ‘groundwork’ for the Arts Council Collection exhibition. Our work on the pink circle has been completed and looks mighty fine. We did breathe a collective sigh of relief and it has already drawn quite a bit of interest from staff alone. Next week will see the completion of the piece and the arrival of all the other items. Exciting times…


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