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‘Brave New World…’

With most of the Arts Council Collection up and running, we had a subdued, more relaxed environment to work in. Not! The first week of the ACC installation went by in a blur. Having done a seven day stint and had a few days off, I was keen to get back to work. Something I had never experienced, before working at Dyrham towers… The blend of contemporary art within our collection works really well and ranges from the ‘subtle’ to the ‘in your face’. I by chance strolled past a visitor who was admiring the ‘pink circle’. He had specifically visited to see the ACC work, and thought it was a great venture, so that truly made my day. With the arrival of the few remaining works imminent, we’ll soon be able to have the ‘fanfare’ opening it deserves. An open evening/press launch, guided talks, banners and posters, kids activities, and promotions are all in the pipeline, so it should be a fascinating season. One fine day, when Lin the boss-lady was away, and I had helped the girls with the cleaning schedule, sorted out the volunteers for the day, and sat down with a cuppa, there was a buzz on the door bell. As I walked past the inter-com panel screen I saw it was garden nymph Alice who used to work at Dyrham and is currently working at Prior Park in Bath. ‘Oh, I thought, wonder why she’s here. As I opened the door to say hi, who should pop their head around the door too? My beloved ex-mentor Katy! I had heard she might be in town, but was still shocked and delighted at the same time. So much so, I momentarily forgot my usual impeccable social etiquette and couldn’t resist a hug. (This probably went on a little longer than she would have liked but I was caught up in the moment- sue me.) It was fab to see her again, and good to know Arlington Court’s Carriage museum is in good hands. It was also a good opportunity to hand out a couple more Easter eggs left over from the kid’s trails over the weekend, (I’m not sure if it’s possible to overdose on chocolate eggs but if it is, I was sure close.)