‘Curtain Call…’

As we at Dyrham are a little short on storage space, there are some issues that get resolved with some very creative thinking. This was recently put to the test when we needed to pack up the curtains from one of our state beds, to be sent for conservation work. The problem was the box we needed to use was at the top of a staircase. Nicely sandwiched between three other boxes of a similar size. (I would like to point out at this point this is no ordinary box, or size…) logistics are a speciality too at Dyrham… So having chosen our receptacle we had to move the box at the top onto the floor to get to the one we wanted, then move the one we wanted down the stairs. Sounds simple enough, and although the box is made of a wood frame and Perspex sides it’s not the weight that’s the issue but it’s impressive 3300+ mm in length. As luck would have it our chief maintenance operative Paul was passing and lent an extra hand. (He dreads hearing the phrase ‘you got a minute?’ as it usually means he’s busy for an hour.) So, six flights of stairs, four landings and a few breathers later we had the box where we wanted it, against all odds a few laws of physics and lady gravity herself.

Next came the task of moving the curtains from the box to a shelf in the mystical ‘textile store’. (Cue creepy music and dry-ice) Making the most of the closed day as it’s next to the visitor route, we first had to move the box to the store. (Not an easy task if any one knows how ‘romantically snug’ some of our doorways can be.)
Next the main event. Carefully removing the curtains of our beloved Queen Ann bed
So the box can be used to transport yet more drapery. This I don’t mind saying reminded me a little of carrying items in our Delft-ware collection. Imagine moving something really heavy, priceless, fragile and unique and it only just fitting on the shelf!


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