‘A Key Issue…’

Next on the list, I was volunteered to create a display we had been talking about setting up since the winter. A fantastic collection of old keys had been re-discovered and needed to be displayed. This I took great delight in doing as some of the key designs are wonderful. An unfortunate side effect was that due to my tendency to be a little ‘OCD-ish’, it took me a little longer than was necessary as I kept arranging and then re-arranging… They do make a great display and show how key designs have changed over the decades. Unfortunately, in favour of the simple and functional. One key we would love to include as it is the oldest, but is in constant use, is the key to the front door of Dyrham’s church. It’s a whoppa! (technical term)


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Welcome to my blog! I've been keeping it to document my training as a Conservation Assistant for the National Trust at Dyrham Park. View all posts by arlingtoncourtblog

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