‘All Mapped out…’

Dyrham’s house manager Eilidh made a triumphant return from maternity leave this week and hit the ground running with a plan of action. In no time at all we had a tidy-(ish) office and a ‘jobs to do list’. After the house had a good clean, we had an opportunity to have a good look at a Dyrham treasure. ‘The Blathwayt Atlas’. Not only are they examples of the earliest maps of the British empire, but they also contain maps of areas of the world that little was know of in the early 1700’s. They must have been of fundamental importance to Mr. B, and is a fascinating insight into the concept of the world as it was. (Something that has changed so dramatically in comparison to the modern age…) Also this is an important link with the ‘Arts Council Collection – A World Away’ installation, to the collection here at Dyrham. The originals are at Brown University Providence and we have been looking for an excuse to proudly display our copies of them…


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