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‘Clean on Me…’

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‘Get back to where you once belong…’

We’ve been busy with our audit of the entire collection, with a little help from the lovely Rowann Goldsmith from head office. What she doesn’t know about CMS isn’t  worth knowing. (4,500-ish items…. shouldn’t take long?) It was time to tackle the Print Room. Named so, after the Victorian collection of portrait prints of the great and the good. This is one of the rooms at Dyrham towers I have a love/hate relationship with thanks to my brain…. In a former life I studied graphic design and do have a little ‘ocd’ with things being ordered and straight, which seems to entertain family and friends alike! With the ladder out to collect them down it’s a good chance to straighten them when no one is looking… This done, we then set to work cleaning and condition checking each one with soft brushes and a conser-vac machine to remove the dust, recording any deterioration on our plan of care forms as we go. Thankfully not much to report so far, but one case of mould has been discovered… (Boooo….) In a change of pace, one fine morning, we decided as we had most of us in, to re-arrange one of the bedrooms. As you do. The bedroom in question is the Tapestry bedroom and the bed needed to be re-positioned for historical accuracy. It had been against a wall opposite the fire place in reference to an early photo of the room but it had been decided to move it to the back wall. Not just bad Feng shui but it has been getting an unacceptable amount of light recently, so something had to be done. To move it effectively, the Tapestry itself needed to be replaced first, to hide a little gap. This was expertly done by Bridget as she knows the technique and the new gap is hidden by the bed itself. With the room furniture moved out of harms way, we all took a section and gently moved the bed to its new home. An easy task as although it’s heavy it’s also on wheels… Love it when a plan comes together!