‘Situation Vacant…’

Unfortunately, the rumours are true… my time at Dyrham has come to an end. (Cue hysteria… similar to when Robbie left ‘Take-That’…) But life goes on and there’s a good opportunity to reflect on how much I’ve learnt. (As it turns out, you can actually ‘teach an old dog new tricks’.) The learning curve was pretty steep looking back to my early days, as I had no prior knowledge of conservation. As part of an HLF funded training course I was put straight to work and ‘in at the deep end’. Under watchful eyes, I quickly learnt a vast array of new skills ranging from the principals and practical applications of conservation cleaning, to the management of room humidity and uv light levels, and the control of the other agents of deterioration, visitor engagement and volunteer management. It’s been a wild and crazy ride that has been without doubt the best job I’ve ever had, and will be a real tough act to follow. But follow it I must so, (shameless plug coming up…) I am currently ‘seeking opportunities’.

Working at Dyrham has made me determined to achieve a career in the heritage sector in some way, so ‘have duster will travel’… Special thanks must go to my wonderful house team, Margaret, Bridget, Jane and Lin, and to Katy Dainton, my mentor for 9 months, who put up with me in the first place and House manager Eilidh for helping me in every way. I’ve signed up for a spot of volunteering to keep the skills fresh, so I will get to pop back once in a while, but this chapter is at an end… ‘It’s been emotional’…..


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