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‘Back to it…’

We had the chance to visit nearby Newark Park recently, to catch up with Jenny Rogers and Dyrham ‘man-Friday’ James Curwen, to talk some conservation shop. This was my first chance to see the inside the property, and it was an informative time, discussing conservation issues at a different property, with a different collection. House volunteer and mercenary-archaeologist for hire Mr. Tim Robey,  paid a visit for some book conservation experience so we continued work on the books in the Great Hall. This was a good chance to put my training into practice and help show Tim the ropes of do’s and don’t’s when inspecting and cleaning books. As most of the volumes are not in English, Tim’s ‘rusty but unique’ translation skills, (his words not mine.) made for an interesting conservation session. A highlight of which was a copy of ‘Salmon’s English Herbal’. This a beautiful book with some exquisite illustrations and very ‘interesting recipes and uses’… For legal reasons, not to be tried at home…