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We also got the chance to go around the museum on our own which was a great opportunity but we only had an hour so I got a good workout trying to see all that I wanted to. It was a truly awesome day, and a rare treat to meet the fantastic staff and get to see conservation work on a massive scale.

Next stop on the tour was a look at the workshops. Among other projects, they cope with all of the packing of objects that come in or go out of the museum, as well as building the exhibitions themselves. While looking around we got a rare treat and were shown an exhibition in it’s infancy. ‘Post-Modernism’ is a display of late 1970’s – 1990’s pop-culture… ( just my era!) The exhibition is designed to re-create the inside of a live music venue and had at the time we were shown round, a suit worn by Annie Lennox, ( who’ll have her own section as well..) and also costumes worn by the B-52’s, ( the band not the bomber…) and Devo.

The tour kicked off with a look at the paper and book departments, who were involved with some fascinating conservation work. Some of which involved re-binding some original works of Charles Dickens. Next stop the textile department, to see the dedicated staff working on some fantastic costumes with painstaking detail. We were then treated to a peek at the stone and plaster workshops, which was fascinating to see conservation on a much grander scale than I had seen before. The sculptures they work on have a range of conservation requirements, and all need to be treated with the utmost care & attention. They have special procedures and solutions for the removal of years of ingrained dirt from mostly porus stone.

'So beautiful a view, my coffee got cold...'